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Deporte y ocio - Chalecos para niños
Lifejacket Soft color lemon
Regatta lifejackets - safety for children and young people

Regatta lifejackets are well fit, comfortable and give security to the user. The safety colour gives a high visibility and the light buoyancy material can not puncture. Polyester outer fabric and reflectors.

When purchasing a lifejacket for a child, it is important that the lifejacket is well fit to the body and adapted to the child. The buoyancy aid should be CE-marked, which shows that it complies with European requirments of safety. The lifejackets should not be oversized - children are not supposed to  "grow into" them. A lifejacket fit well to a child, will be used!

Lifejackets for children and babies are available in six different models - take a look at the pages below!

Regatta lifejackets have been developed as a result from a long-term research and testing of  the user group in question.

When purchasing a lifejacket to a child, it is important to let the child try out different models. Children should not wear an oversized lifejacket, it should be well fit to the body and be adapted to the child.

A buoyancy aid which makes the young one feel comfortable is the most important, because he or she will then use it without problems!

Lifejacket Soft color orange

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