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Sportline 954

Sportline 954 - A comfortable, light weighted and functional suit

Regatta Sportline 954 is designed in fluorescent yellow outer fabric which gives high visibility. Backflap for profile printing, embroidery of logo which gives the user possibility for valuable profiling when the suits are being used. A comfortable, light weighted and functional suit with built -in buoyancy and good ventilation.

Windproof and water-repellent outer 
Zippers for ventilation under the  
String in the waist for individual 
Fluorescent yellow material on hood 
   with adjustment straps. Hood can be
   folded in the collar when not in use
Drainage in the arms and legs
Functional pockets
Reflective bizes on front and back 
  and reflective tapes on arms, legs
  and chest to ensure optimal visibility.
Straps with velcro adjustment on
  arms and legs
Long zippers in legs for easy donning
High visibility due to the fluorescent
  yellow material
Equipped with whistle and D-ring for
Prepared for profile printing,
   embroidery etc. on back
Loops for attachment of an inflatable

Sportline 954 has been tested and found in compliance with the requirements in EN ISO 15027-3 Constant Wear Suit Class D.
The test describes the suits ability to keep a person warm for two hours in water of temperature 15 degrees centigrade. The accept criteria is that the body core temperature can not drop with more than two degrees centigrade during the test.

Technical specifications:

Buoyancy:  89N (L)
Size:         XS XXL
Colour:      Fluorecent yellow/black
Weight      1,8 kg (L)
Approval:   EN 393 50N

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Technical specifications

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