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Coastline 953

The model is light weighted and functional with built -in buoyancy and good ventilation.

Windproof and water-repellent outer

Zippers for ventilation under the arms

D-ring for emergency-stop

The hood can be folded in the collar

Adjustable string in the waist

Drainage in the arms and legs 

Functional pockets

Equipped with whistle

Loops for attachment of an inflatable 

Reflective tapes in front, back, on arms
and  shoulders

Long zippers in the legs

The model is available in the following sizes:
8/10, 10/12, 14/16 years, XS XXXL

Technical specifications:

Buoyancy:   89N (L)
Size:          8/10, 10/12years and 
                 14/16 years,

Colour:       Red with blue details
Weight:      Approx. 1,8 kg (L)
Approval:    EN 393 50N

Technical specifications
Buoyancy: 89N (L)
Size: 8/10, 10/12, 14/16 years, XS XXXL
Colour: Red with blue details
Weight: Approx. 1,8 kg (L)
Approval: EN 393 50N

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