Regatta Seafarmer100N

Available sizes
Version of Regatta SeaFarmer with 100 N buoyancy and collar for added safety. A durable and comfortable vest with functional pockets and many attachment options, incl. for VHF radio. Crotch straps for increased safety. Developed and produced at the request of - and in cooperation with the industry. (Seafarmer 100N replaces Regatta Workvest 402, with pockets) The product has an outer material that has a limited flame spread acc. ISO 15025:2000, Procedure A
VHF radio, knife, alarm

Brackets and pockets

VHF radio, knife, alarm
SOLAS reflective bands

High visibility

SOLAS reflective bands
Added safety

100 N buoyancy and collar

Added safety

Size: 50/70, 70 kg+
Color: Fluorescent yellow/black
Weight: 1,1 kg
Outer material: 100% Polyester
Approval: ISO 120402-4 100N - The used outer fabric was tested in accordance to EN ISO 15025:2000, Procedure A, limited flame spread

* Please contact us if certificate is requested

100N_CE.jpg ISO 15025 symbol.png


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