Regatta SeaFarmer50N

Available sizes
Developed and produced at the request of - and in cooperation with the seafarmer industry. A durable and comfortable vest with functional pockets and attachment options, incl. for VHF radio. Crotch straps for increased safety. SOLAS reflective bands and fluorescent color provides good visibility. The product has an outer material that has a limited flame spread acc. ISO 15025: 2008, Procedure A
Easy access

Attachment for VHF radio

Easy access
For alarm system and knives

Practical pockets

For alarm system and knives
SOLAS reflective bands

High visibility

SOLAS reflective bands

Size: 50/70, 70 kg+
Color: Fluorescent yellow/black
Weight: 1,1 kg
Approval: ISO 12402-5 50N
Outermaterial: 100% Polyester
The used outer fabric was tested in accordance to EN ISO 15025:2000, Procedure A, limited flame spread
* Please contact us if certificate is requested

50N_CE.jpg ISO 15025 symbol.png

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